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Monthly Challenges w/Daily Practices

The first week of every month


10:00-10:25AM EST

Chaos to Calm Challenge

A Mindful Experience

5 Days to a More Balanced, Centered and Productive YOU!

Presented by: Leadership Solutions International


Best 20 minutes of my day.

I'm so excited to say this was not just another class it was a way for me to connect to others in a way that I could be both authentic and powerful. I hope these challenges continue every mont.  

Brian Rose

Denver, CO



5 Days to a More Balanced, Centered and Productive YOU!

What You'll Learn In This Challenge:

How to improve your energy in a world that may feel off balance

Each day you will learn one centering practice you can use personally and with your team to be more focused.

Build a clear vision of how you want your business and your life to move forward

Perhaps 2020 had you asking a lot of questions. We'll unpack those questions in this challenges and start your new vision for 2021.

Get inspired again to take the next step

Each day we will have 10 minutes of education on a rejuvenation practice and 10 minutes of a mindful experience.

Daily Topics

Each day will include a centering practice, education and a mindfulness experience.

    Day 1

    Overview and Personal Evaluation

    Day 2

    Personal Executive Presence

    Day 3

    The Case for Workplace Mindfulness

    Day 4

    Creating Mindful Customer Experiences

    Day 5

    Mindful Success Personally & Professionally


What Other Leaders Say About the Challenge

When I said yes to this challenge I didn't even know what mindfulness was. I just new I needed new energy to begin my work again. Holly helped me to let go of stress and start taking steps to new success. 

Sarah Smith

Vancouver, BC

I've practiced mindfulness on and off over the years.  This year I lost my job, my focus and my path. This challenge was the initial step that I needed to begin working in a new way.

Anne Chen

Miami, FL



New Content and Practices delivered daily

The first week of every month


10:00-10:25AM EST

Each day includes a centering practice, education and mindfulness experience.

Delivered via Zoom - in the comfort of your home or office.


About Leadership Solutions

With over 20 years of combined experience, Leadership Solutions International (LSI) has brought together the best, most highly respected consultants in the fields of Mindfulness, Leadership Development, and Sales.

We serve burned out, pandemic exhausted leaders in the banking, health care, and real estate industries. Leaders looking to live and work in more prosperous ways. Our applied mindfulness training results in mindful employee experiences, improved customer experiences, and higher sales revenue while offering personal success. We offer courses, community, and consulting on applied mindful leadership and sales.